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Page history last edited by Richard Beach 8 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to the wiki for Identity-focused ELA Teaching:
A Curriculum Framework for Diverse Learners and Contexts


This wiki is designed to support the book, Identity-Focused ELA Teaching: A Curriculum Framework for Diverse Learners and Contexts, by Richard Beach, Anthony Johnston, and Amanda Haertling-Thein, published by Routledge Press in March, 2015 in print and Kindle/Nook editions; it is also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Identity-Focused ELA Teaching features classroom activities teachers can use to put these practices into action in ways that re-center implementing the Common Core State Standards; case-study profiles of students and classrooms from urban, suburban, and rural schools adopting these practices; and descriptions of how teachers both support students with this instructional approach and share their own identity-construction experiences with their students. It demonstrates how, as students acquire identity-focused practices through engagements with literature, writing, drama, and digital texts, they gain awareness of the ways exposure to different narratives, beliefs, and perspectives serves to mediate their own and others’ identities, leading to different ways of being and becoming over time.


For accessing or adding materials for specific chapters, go to the Sidebar.


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